Terrordyne – Wrong Turn LP review

Wrong Turn is the second album released by Terrordyne, which was released May 24, 2019. As soon as I began listening to the album, I felt that EDM was another genre that helps to describe the style of music. The main genres are Synthwave, Darkwave and Retrowave.

The album begins with Wrong Turn (Intro). It sounds very dreamlike at start, then the beat and bass draws you in and invites you to dance. In the end it lets you down gently with very beautiful synths, like the beginning.

Lone Wolf has another great beat and dance rythm. A synth solo in the middle goes a bit wild, grabbing your attention, and near the end there’s an announcement, “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls… dying time is here!” which is potentially ominous, yet it made me smile.

The third track, Crisis (Feat. Ghostfeeder), has whispy notes in the intro that lead into a strong beat and dark sounding synths. A voice sample of a woman puntuates the track in all the right places, and the track has a slightly retro vibe in the middle. A guitar solo near the end was a surprising delight. I didn’t expect it, but I do enjoy electric guitars in electronic music—at least where it fits, and it truly fits in this song.

Night Crawler starts with a cool 80’s vibe and leads into another strong dance rhythm. The bass and drums make way for very interesting voice samples mid-way. The rhythm picks back up and the synth solo is soothing, despite the voice sample that preceded it!

The fifth track, Ad Victoriam (Interlude), has deep bass at the start that is met by a soft and dreamy melody. I think of this track as a very pretty synthwave lullaby.

Signals comes next and it’s another fun dance track, with a strong bassline and excellent rhythm. The synths sound a bit 80’s influenced, yet much more modern.

After listening to the first half of the album, I found myself visualizing the experience more and more. Phantasm (Terrordyne Remix) is the seventh track, and the intro makes me feel as though I’m being led down a staircase by some irresistible force, but when I get there, it’s a dance floor and everyone’s happy. This song finishes with a very light and airy melody that is the payoff at the end of the dance.

Next up is Harbinger (Feat. The Fair Attempts). To begin, I need to say that due to the collaboration with The Fair Attempts, I feel it would be inappropriate for me to comment on the guitar solo that was contributed. You will have to decide if you like the guitar solo or not. This track also has another great beat and bassline, with synth elements that sound delightfully squishy, as if each press on the keyboard causes the note to jump out. This is the best way I can describe it, and I really like this element of the track. Then we are warned, “a message from God: you’re doomed if you stay here.” The melody becomes darker before the guitar solo. The only comment I feel is ethical for me to make in this case is that I don’t like the way it was mixed. As I said, I appreciate guitars in electronic music, but I had to strain to hear the solo in the mix. The conclusion of the song features a melody that brings to mind images of a carnival very late at night.

The ninth track, Father Turbo, starts like a classic horror film, then hits you with a powerful dance rhythm. This is my favourite track, the gem of the album for me. Pretty melodies lead you all the way through to the return of the horror movie feeling at the end.

Blood Marker is the final track available to stream. It starts off with an ambient sound, followed by some dark synths that lead into another dance rhythm that’s darker sounding than the rest of the tracks, in a great way. As the track progresses, the melodies never grow stale. It ends very ambient once again.

The final two tracks, Castlevania- Bloody Tears and Double Dragon Theme are bonus tracks available for Bandcamp download when you purchase the album. Both of them are a reimagining/remix of tunes from classic NES games. They are sure to delight many “old school gamers,” but even if you’ve never played the games, these tracks were created with Terrordyne’s own style.

All in all, I think this is a very strong second album and I recommend it to all Synthwave fans—especially those who love to dance. The album is available to stream on Spotify and Bandcamp.  You can purchase the entire album for $8 (or more, if you choose to) on Bandcamp.

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May 29, 2019

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