melodywhore – darklight EP review

The darklight EP by melodywhore was recently released on the 26th of July, and it includes seven tracks. The first four tracks are songs featuring superb vocals, and the final three are primarily instrumental. The style of the music is a merger of Darkwave and Darksynth, with a touch of Electro-industrial influence.

The first track of the EP is hum, and it’s also the first song I’ve heard by melodywhore. I was instantly impressed by the production quality, and the mix is so well done. The synths contribute to a dreamy sound created by the vocals. The bass and beat give the song a strong foundation, and the tempo would make for a nice dance with a loved one, as it sounds very intimate.

Next up is the title track darklight. In this song, the piano and synths fight with the vocals and take the lead in the composition. This could be the intent, but I would’ve preferred the mix if the vocals were more pronounced. The lyrics are poetic but can’t be heard as well as they should be, in my opinion, because many lines are lost in the mix. It has beautiful melodies and is another intimate sounding song. The instrumental version at the end of the EP is stunning and mixed beautifully, so I feel the instrumentation could afford to be mixed down more in this version with vocals.

sister sinister has a faster tempo and strong bassline, making it a good dance track right from the start. The synths have a retro sound that creates a nostalgic feeling, which compliments the lyrics so well. The mix is great in this song. I find it quite interesting how there’s a retro feel while also sounding entirely modern. I think it sounds like a sweet blend of Depeche Mode and Dead Can Dance with a modern interpretation.

The fourth song on the EP, the after-dark, has an interesting feel to the intro—it sounds happy and sad simultaneously. The production and mix is again very good. This song reminds me of Dead Can Dance even more than the others, with a brilliant combination of Synthwave. The drums and bass enhance the song and make it great song for dancing to.

the principle of correspondence has a Darksynth intro and a strong dance beat. The music bounces between the right and left channels in a nearly hypnotic manner. This is an instrumental track with vocal samples that announce the transition to a more Electro-industrial sound at just the right moment, giving the track a truly unique character.

The next track is the instrumental version of hum, which also makes use of subtle, nearly ambient vocal samples in all the right places. I think it’s a fantastic Darksynth track.

The EP finishes with the instrumental version of darklight that I mentioned earlier. The beautiful piano and synth melodies really open up and flourish in this version, where they can truly shine. This is a breathtaking composition indeed.

In conclusion, I must say this is an absolutely fabulous EP. Moreover, melodywhore is one of the best indie artist discoveries I’ve had! The darklight EP is available to stream on Spotify and Bandcamp. You can also purchase the EP at Bandcamp, and I don’t think you’ll regret it.

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July 28, 2019

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