Leifendeth – Lost Future EP review

Lost Future EP is the newest release from Leifendeth, released April 22, 2019. The primary genre for this music is darksynth, and can also be described with the sub-genres techno and electro-industrial.

The EP begins with the title track, Lost Future.  The track starts off with a strong bassline right out of the gate, and had me bobbing my head a bit even before the drum beats kicked in. A synth “chorus” melody begins after a minute and really sticks in my mind—a kind of ear-worm melody that I truly don’t mind. As the track continues, the melody progresses and reveals itself in new ways. Very light and beautiful notes lift the mood higher just before the track dives down into a dark and heavy synth solo, along with intriguing voice samples in the midpoint. The outro includes some notes that make me think of a computer, and it gave me a funny mental image of a robot that was putting out the music while dancing. This track would make for an incredible experience on the dance floor!

Incident Zero (Braphonyte 7 Machine Kick mix) is next, and it starts with a slower tempo than the previous track. The beat gets lost many times during this track, so it’s very jarring to me. In the middle of the track the drumming stands alone until it transitions into a very heavy synth solo accompanying voice samples, but the segment was too brief to make a positive impact on the overall experience of the track for me. I can say there’s a segment of the track I really liked though: after four and a half minutes, there’s an amazing light melody and voice samples, carried along by a beat I was able to get into. I wish the entire track would’ve explored and developed that thread instead, but it was unfortunately brief. I appreciate the the experimental nature of the track, but I don’t see myself listening to it again.

The third track, Not Again (relapse version), begins with a very cool melody and great and heavy beat. The vocals have a nice level of distortion, and also includes softer whispering lines. In parts the vocal melody is very flat and sounds more like someone reading out loud rather than singing, but that is the style of the song and it’s consistent throughout. I love the chorus lines, and the song has a very good beat. The lighter synths in the song are delightful and really add a lot to the experience.

The fourth and final track, In the Lab (reverse engineered), is available with purchases on Bandcamp. The intro reminds me of an ice cream truck jingle half remembered, then a strong bassline takes over and begins to sound as if it’s played underwater—I really like that. The song loses me after the first minute, though, because of the disjointed beats. I can see how this style would really appeal to some people, but it’s not quite my cup of tea.

That said, there’s a lot to like in this EP for sure. The dark and heavy synths combined with the lighter melodies are very pleasant. I’m a fan of metal music as well, so the heaviness of it really appeals to me. I enjoy Leifendeth’s music and have one of the full length LPs in my collection already. I recommend you check out his entire discography. When I think of Lost Future EP as a single with bonus tracks, I believe it’s definitely worth buying, and the more experimental bonus tracks are sure to appeal to others.  The EP is available on Bandcamp for only $2, so you absolutely can’t go wrong purchasing it!

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June 5, 2019

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