This website uses cookies to analyse traffic and to optimize your experience.   Details of the type of data we collect and how it’s used are included below.

Website Traffic and Analysis

When you visit this website, your IP address is detected by Wordfence, the security plug-in used on this site, and by Google Analytics.  The privacy policies and data protection these services offer are outside of our control, so we recommend you visit those websites and read their privacy policies as well.

Traffic analysis data is used to learn where visitors are located, how they find this website, and how they access and navigate through the content.  We aim to provide the best visitor experience we can, and this data can give insight about website performance.

Contact Messages

You can send an email message using the form on the Contact page.  Your name, email address and message contents are used for the purpose of responding to your message, when appropriate.  If your track, album review, or news story is added to our site, playlists, and/or is selected for additional promotion on our site, you will receive an email notification.

Email Subscriptions

Email subscriptions are handled by SpecificFeeds and are sent in a “Newspaper format,” meaning one email per day with all messages from the previous 24 hours.  You will see Headlines Only in the emails, and you can click on any headline you want to read, which will take you to the post on this site.

Your email address used for the subscription will be protected by the SpecificFeeds privacy policy, and your address is available to us.  We will never use the email address for any purpose other than delivering your subscription.


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