The Fair Attempts – Wide-open Little Heart single released April 19

Magic of the dark mind – The Fair Attempts releases single, “Wide-open Little Heart”

Often the brightest of lights reveals the darkest of shadows.  Now, as the spring time sun is busy burning up our eyes, The Fair Attempts offer a much-needed balance of darkness with a fresh new single, “Wide-open Little Heart,” from their upcoming album, “Signals.”  This energetic industrial rock song delves into the mental landscape of an introverted person who tends to reject the outside world, and escapes it by retreating into their inner realities.

“This song is about the conflict I’ve had to live with.  The conflict within me wanting to be part of this everyday world around me but always finding myself withdrawing from it,” Friendly Timo, the artist behind the song says.  “You become dead to this world.  It feels like I am becoming something else than a human.  Like some kind of a monster.  Every cycle chips away some aspect of my connection to this world outside of me.”

As the artistic expression of The Fair Attempts develops, it seems to turn ever darker. “The production this year will be very dark and heavy, but we’ve also packed a whole punch of energy, especially into our singles.  Up to the point of explosion.” Timo promises.

“Wide-open Little Heart” is available now on Bandcamp and Spotify, along with all other popular digital music stores and streaming services.

Enjoy this announcement video where Friendly Timo discusses his personal message with “Wide-open Little Heart.”

More information about The Fair Attempts

Genres: Industrial Rock, Electro-industrial, Darkwave, Synthpop

The Fair Attempts was founded in 2018 by Friendly Timo. In 2019, Starwing officially joined and contributed vocals to a song on their second full length LP, “Dream Engine.”

Every song by The Fair Attempts carries a personal message as well as a meaning relating to the future dystopian world they envisioned. The World of The Fair Attempts was revealed in depth through the novel, “Dreaming Your Dream” by Starwing, which is the companion novel to the “Dream Engine” album. In the novel, Starwing wrote of a boogeyman character called “The Ruiner.”

This year, Timo wears the costume of “The Ruiner,” and the costume also plays a role in the second book in the “Machine Dreaming” series of dystopian science fiction books Starwing is writing.

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