The Fair Attempts – Run Myself To Ground single released May 31

The Fair Attempts releases a new Industrial Rock single, “Run Myself To Ground”

The Fair Attempts released the second single from their upcoming album.  “Run Myself To Ground” is like a hard-hitting, unapologetic sonic fist that commands you to move.  It’s one of the most energetic songs they’ve released so far. The song embodies the frustration of a breakdown in communication, filled with the harsh feelings left unspoken and the defiant response to turmoil.  It is both an internal struggle and a battle against all outside forces.

Friendly Timo explained, “The song is like a declaration of independent thought and rejection of illusions around you, but in the middle of it all, comes the realization that without these lies we build around ourselves, the reality of things runs you down.”

“Run Myself To Ground” is available now at Bandcamp, Spotify, and all other popular digital music stores and streaming services.

More information about The Fair Attempts

Genres: Industrial Rock, Electro-industrial, Darkwave, Synthpop

The Fair Attempts was founded in 2018 by Friendly Timo. In 2019, Starwing officially joined and contributed vocals to a song on their second full length LP, “Dream Engine.”

Every song by The Fair Attempts carries a personal message as well as a meaning relating to the future dystopian world they envisioned. The World of The Fair Attempts was revealed in depth through the novel, “Dreaming Your Dream” by Starwing, which is the companion novel to the “Dream Engine” album. In the novel, Starwing wrote of a boogeyman character called “The Ruiner.”

This year, Timo wears the costume of “The Ruiner,” and the costume also plays a role in the second book in the “Machine Dreaming” series of dystopian science fiction books Starwing is writing.

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