The Fair Attempts – Little Light single available August 21

New single, “Little Light” by The Fair Attempts is a unique dance song that’s teeming with complex emotions

“Little Light” is the second single from the upcoming “Carnal Insect” album by The Fair Attempts. This pure EDM dance song fully embodies the experience of profoundly mixed emotions, and both the music and lyrics progress in unexpected ways. This song also includes samples of a piano playing while its on fire. The piano hisses and cries as it goes down in flames, but it sounds so beautiful in its tragic demise.

The lyrics are co-written by Friendly Timo and his wife. While he composed songs for his upcoming “Carnal Insect” album, he was inspired to create a song when his wife became overwhelmed by intense and conflicting emotions in response to a joyous experience.

When two people write lyrics together, they each contribute their own meanings to the overall message of the song. For Friendly Timo, it’s a story about how a tiny little light within darkness can be like a raging inferno that will consume you—as well as a message that entertaining even a speck of hope in dark times can be frightening and consuming. “In the end, ‘Little Light’ tells that I have hope and nice things are happening to me now, though it’s likely consuming me, and it terrifies me to my core.”

To his wife, “Little Light” is about becoming so comfortable in dark emotions that sudden joy is terrifying and painful—one can easily destroy what they have with their own negativity and fears. “Tormenting yourself over past failures can become a habit to the extent that a joyous experience carries terror and sadness with it.”

The single will be released on August 21, 2019, and the “Carnal Insect” album releases on September 27, 2019.

You can watch the video for “Little Light,” it’s available now on Youtube.

More information about The Fair Attempts

Genre: Industrial Rock, EBM, Darkwave, Synthpop

Founded in 2018, The Fair Attempts released the debut “arisTotal” EP in February, 2019, and began developing a following and enthusiastic fanbase with those first six songs. The EP and its songs received several glowing reviews, and were showcased in multiple radio shows, podcasts, music websites and blogs.

In June, 2019, the “Carnal Insect” single was released along with the first ever The Fair Attempts music video. Both the single and the video were very well received—especially among his growing fan base who were looking forward to his new music. The video revealed more of his unique and fun-loving character, and it enabled fans to feel more connected and have a sense of knowing his personality.

The upcoming “Carnal Insect” LP is structured as a three acts story that explores the process of human society becoming something that resembles an insect colony more and more. The album sounds more electronic as it progresses, and becomes darker, song by song. Friendly Timo explains, “Even the value of a human being—their life, their uniqueness, everything—is diminished by the inflation of the population. As people fill every corner of the world, what is one person’s worth?”

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