The Fair Attempts – Dream Engine LP released September 28

Get ready to enter the dream! The Fair Attempts released a new album, “Dream Engine”

The second full length album by The Fair Attempts, “Dream Engine,” released on September 28, 2020.  This album has the widest range of musical expression from the group so far, and includes two songs where Friendly Timo sings with female vocalists—including Jessi Frey.  In addition, this album builds upon the dystopian future world first envisioned by Timo and it has a companion novel by Starwing titled “Dreaming Your Dream.”

Timo elaborated, “When I’m making music and songs that are for The Fair Attempts, it’s not just individual songs—I always build a greater story of ‘The World of The Fair Attempts.’  With this album we finally laid the foundation for the whole ‘World.’”  This world was envisioned during the creation of the debut EP “arisTotal.”  He said, “I had some abstract ideas about being behind the gas mask in this dark, dystopian world.”

As the themes and music composing for “Dream Engine” were being developed, Timo discussed ideas with his wife, Starwing.  Throughout 2019, music released by The Fair Attempts inspired scenes and characters in Starwing’s mind, so they decided to collaborate on a multimedia project to reveal the dystopian science fiction behind The Fair Attempts.

“Dream Engine” includes some lyrics that are inspired by the plot and characters Starwing created for the companion novel, which led to a song where Jessi Frey sings with Timo in a heated conversation between two of the characters. The companion novel is available in hardcover on Amazon and a Kindle edition will be released later this year.

“Dream Engine” is available to stream on Spotify and purchase on Bandcamp in digital and CD formats. A lyric video for every song on the album—featuring illustrations from the companion novel—will be released over the remaining months of 2020.

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The novel “Dreaming Your Dream” by Starwing is available in Hardcover from Amazon at and it includes 50 Film Noir inspired illustrations by Melinda Maria Lack. Paperback and Kindle ebook formats will be released in the coming months.

Official lyric videos for the “Dream Engine” album feature video of the painting process as well as finished paintings that illustrate the novel—videos for the first two songs are available to watch on YouTube and the title track’s video is embedded below.




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