The Fair Attempts – Carnal Insect single available June 26

“Carnal Insect” – The first single from the second album by The Fair Attempts is available June 26

After only five months from the release of his debut EP, The Fair Attempts is releasing “Carnal Insect” — the first single and the title track for the upcoming LP.  This is the most energetic and spirited song you’ve heard from The Fair Attempts so far!  The sound is a merger of industrial rock and EBM — blending electric guitars with retro-sounding synths, along with powerful vocals that convey both anger and disgust.

The theme of the song is opportunism without moral inhibition.  It paints a picture of a person who lives and breathes for their own carnal pleasure wherever it comes, with no second thoughts of the consequences of their actions or how it could impact their image among their peers.

Friendly Timo aimed to express a message through this song, that thoughtfulness, morality, and personal dignity are key values that define our humanity.  Degrading or neglecting these values entirely will cause us to slowly devolve into an insect-like society, with needs for quick-fixes, sugar-highs, made up justifications that fit today’s agenda, and room for another excuse for tomorrow.

The single was released on June 26, 2019, and the album the bears the same name will be released September 27, 2019.

You can watch the video for “Carnal Insect,” it’s available now on Youtube.

More information about The Fair Attempts and Friendly Timo

Genre: Industrial Rock, EBM, Darkwave, Synthpop

Founded in 2018, The Fair Attempts released the debut “arisTotal” EP in February, 2019, and wasted no time at all before getting back to work on new music. After working with Jessi Frey, a darkwave, synthpop artist from the UK, he created “The Punisher Remix” of her song, “Dark Heart.”

Friendly Timo planned to take a brief break after producing the remix, but the sudden death of a dear friend set a series of events in motion that led to the creation of his second album for The Fair Attempts. He said the series of events reminded him of the condition of our social environment. “See, ‘arisTotal’ was about my decade of nearly complete isolation from the rest of the world, and all the feelings of how I don’t belong here anymore… Well, let’s just say I got reminded of why I went for that isolation in the first place.”

The upcoming “Carnal Insect” LP is structured as a three acts story that explores the process of human society becoming something that resembles an insect colony more and more. The album sounds more electronic as it progresses, and becomes darker, song by song. Friendly Timo explains, “Even the value of a human being—their life, their uniqueness, everything—is diminished by the inflation of the population. As people fill every corner of the world, what is one person’s worth?”

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