The Fair Attempts – Blue Rose Park single released February 10

The Fair Attempts releases a new single as a Valentine’s Day surprise

‘Blue Rose Park’ is a darkwave song that’s teeming with gothic romance and celebrates the love between two people—that common source of strength used to carry each other through hard and dark times.  ‘Blue Rose Park’ is the first single from The Fair Attempts’ upcoming LP and it reveals a hint of the wide range of musical expression present in the new album, from this ballad to industrial blues and, of course, more of the powerful and energetic industrial rock The Fair Attempts is known for.

‘Blue Rose Park’ is the first song by The Fair Attempts with a softer sound and it features vocals by Friendly Timo’s wife, Starwing.  “We wanted to share our own story with this song a bit,” commented Friendly Timo, the lyricist, composer and audio engineer behind the song.  “We met for the first time in a dream while we still lived on the other sides of the planet. Meeting for the first time in our waking life, we recognized each other and the rest was just pure magic.” Timo further added, “The story is true, but dressed up to an abstract world that further deepens the concept and the world of The Fair Attempts.”

“It has become a time to celebrate love, the journey and the story that we share together.  In the spirit of that, we wanted to share our own story and highlight the fact that the one who is longing for love is going to find it sooner or later, even from the darkest of places,” Timo expressed.  “And it is so. We wish you all happy Valentine’s Day!”

The single was released on February 10, 2020, as a complete surprise to fans, supporters and followers.  ‘Blue Rose Park’ is available on Bandcamp and Spotify, as well as other stores and streaming services.

More information about The Fair Attempts

Genres: Industrial Rock, EBM, Electro-industrial, Darkwave, Synthpop

Hailing from Finland, The Fair Attempts was founded in 2018 by the artist, Friendly Timo. During 2019, The Fair Attempts released his debut EP, “arisTotal,” his first full length LP, “Carnal Insect,” and finished the year with another EP, “Carnal Insect Remixes.”

The Fair Attempts also introduced his audience to the gas mask wearing character that is the avatar for his music. Known as “TFA Guy,” the personality and emotional world of the character was explored through the first two music videos for The Fair Attempts singles, “Carnal Insect” and “Little Light.” During 2020, The Fair Attempts will reveal more of the dystopian future envisioned by the artist that inspires all of his music.


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