Sapphira Vee – The Mask LP available December 14

New Music: Sapphira Vee, The Mask (release date: December 14, 2020)

Sapphira Vee’s upcoming fourth album, The Mask, is now upon us. Created from April to November 2020 during a flurry of creativity in the wake of her last album (My Game), this album boasts eleven tracks and five remixes from the likes of Fused, The Joy Thieves, Melodywhore, SpankTheNun, and Amaranth, and was mixed and mastered by Jules Siefert (Chris Connelly, <PIG>)

Sonically, it is a progression in all aspects, building on the strengths of My Game in terms of both songwriting and arrangement. Vee is not alone in this dark voyage, though. Dan Milligan of the Joy Thieves (on their rework of “Greed” as “This Time”), Amaranth’s Ken Magerman (guesting on “World My Voice”), and underground rapper Jutzy Collins (on “Laughter”) all deliver solid contributions to the album.

Regarding the new album, Sapphira says “The Mask picks up where My Game leaves off, and it’s a very personal look at the masks we often have to wear in our lives – sometimes to navigate through the difficult situations we encounter, or in some instances to deceive and manipulate others.”

As a collection of songs that deal with these identities – be it to conceal our pain like the incredibly catchy “Mask of Happy”, hiding the troubled “Addict”, as a cover for avarice in the appropriately titled “Greed”, or to allow us the freedom to privately embrace the darker aspects of our selves – the album is brimming with slamming drums, moody bells, and pulsing electronics. Unafraid to bring the dark corners of human existence to light, Sapphira’s velveteen, welcoming voice sounds like it is whispering sweet nothings while delivering brutal truths.

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