Sapphira Vee – Missing Pieces LP available October 15


New album “Missing Pieces” by Sapphira Vee explores what may be missing in our lives


“Missing Pieces” is the second full length album by Sapphira Vee for 2019. As a follow up to her debut album, “Infunkstrial,” “Missing Pieces” takes a slightly different turn both conceptually and musically.

Though elements of her industrial roots are still apparent in this album, “All the songs in ‘Missing Pieces’ are about what might be lacking in our lives, society, our relationships or even ourselves. I wanted to approach the concepts of the missing pieces first, and then build music that made sense to me around them.”

It features 5 new songs, along with the previously released single, “Chapter Missing.” Also included is a cover of Wall of Voodoos “Lost Weekend” from their iconic 1982 album, “Call of the West,” an homage to Stan Ridgway’s storytelling genius.

Sapphira Vee continues to write music that is “outside the box.” This is music for the brave, for the listener who enjoys hearing something they are not going to hear anywhere else.

The single, “In The Silence,” will be released ahead of the album, which is slated to release on October 15th.


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