Plike feat melodywhore – Envious Moon available October 31

Envious Moon is the enthralling new single from Plike feat melodywhore

Envious Moon is the first single released from the collaboration between Plike and melodywhore, and is musical poetry expressing harmony between its feminine and masculine aspects. For the first time in her collaborations with other artists, Mad Madam Em was able to work with a male vocalist and always felt confident to share her thoughts and ideas, due in part to the complete trust melodywhore placed in her.

Envious Moon began its storied life at least fifteen years ago, and was based on a poem written by melodywhore. The song evolved over time, with each incarnation drawing out more of its true essence, yet melodywhore continued to feel it was incomplete and he put it aside for another seven years. Then he discovered the beautifully dark gothic work of Plike. He revealed, “I could almost immediately hear the marriage of our signature sounds and knew that I should approach her about doing some work together. As a very spiritual person, I felt like I was being led in this direction and when Em and I did talk, it was like we were old friends.”

The collaboration is an inspiring story in its own right! This beautiful song is the result of melodywhore’s willingness to trust and surrender creative control over his original composition that he poured his heart into. Because of that, Em felt more confident to provide constructive criticism, and incorporate some of her own ideas into the song. She explained that she’d had many male artists talk to her in a condescending way before, but that “throughout this experience, not for a moment did I feel like I was “less-than” just because I am a woman.” Feeling treated as an equal and valued for her work and unique ideas enabled her to realize the song in the way melodywhore intended.

Envious Moon by Plike feat melodywhore will be released October 31, 2019.

More information about the artists

Plike is the music project of Mad Madam Em, an electronic music producer and composer hailing from Champaign, Illinois. The sound of Plike is at once hauntingly beautiful and disturbingly dark; an eccentric layering of natural, organic sounds against heavy digital elements. Em began her musical journey in 2003, playing bass for the industrial/electro band, Bishop Buzzkill. In 2005, she began experimenting with keys, synths, drum programming and vocal sequencing, and quickly fell in love with electronic music production and composition. In 2014, Plike was born, and Em released her debut solo album, 47th Helen, the following November.

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melodywhore is a darkwave electronic music project with post rock and industrial roots, although he isn’t restrained by any particular genre. The project began in the early 2000s, but it wasn’t until 2017 that any real efforts were put towards promotion and even then, it seemed he was promoting others more than himself. In addition to monthly releases, melodywhore currently runs two weekly radio shows in support of the indie community.

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