melodywhore – hum (remixes) LP available August 16

The madness of melodywhore continues!


melodywhore is a darkwave electronic project with post rock and industrial roots. With influences such as Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, OMD, Pigface and Ministry, you may be able to piece together where some of his artistry comes from. The project started around 2000 and there has been a number of incarnations since. 2017 marked a change with the release of his second full album, Xenophilia, as a decision to work more on building melodywhore as a brand was made. From then to now, melodywhore has put himself out there as a major promoter of indie music and has taken on two weekly web broadcast radio shows in support of indie artists. melodywhore is also a part of Ghostpile Records, a “label” in support of indie artists as well as putting himself out there to collaborate with the community through remixes and collaborations.

On July 19th, the single “Hum” was dropped and just a week later, on July 26th, the first ever melodywhore released EP, DarkLight, was dropped. This was somewhat of a departure from previous works as most of them were instrumentals and guest vocals. DarkLight has four vocal tracks performed by melodywhore himself. Listen to what some of the community has stated thus far:

“It’s literally so good! Def the kind of sound that’s able to break thru my rotation of the same 4-6 artists lol. I can’t express how rare that’s been recently lol so thanks!” – Tabetha Lott @Tabetha_Lott831

“You can’t miss this one by @melodywhore – Just amazing” – Angel Ruediger @angel_ruediger

Review by Starwing Digital:

On the inspiration of his music, melodywhore says, “I write a lot about past experiences. Pain or pleasure in various forms. There’s a lot of hardship people are going through especially now with government agendas and decisions that are hurting human beings. We’re all affected by it whether we want to admit it or not. There’s a lot of hurt going on in the world right now and we all need some form of healing, however that might be. So a lot of my inspiration comes from these dark places. I just let it carry me wherever it will.”

melodywhore’s “hum (remixes)” is the first in a series of remix albums, and was released on August 16, 2019.

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