Kizunaut – The City by the Sea available for Pre-order

Neon lights on city streets and dark alleys in your mind – New album coming from Kizunaut

The Helsinki-based synthwave artist Kizunaut will release his next album The City by the Sea on 18th of October 2020.  Drawing influences from alternative rock, industrial and contemporary electronic music, The City by the Sea offers future oriented synthwave with a human touch built around the theme of urban life.

The artist’s background in rock and industrial bands can be heard in the emotional, raw and energetic sound of the album. “Major influences in the making of the album were Nine Inch Nails’ Pretty Hate Machine and Nitzer Ebb’s Ebbhead. These albums were not so much a direct influence than a model for combining influences from pop, rock and electronic music”, Kizunaut elaborates on the musical influences of the album in a recent Facebook post.

The lyrics and overarching narrative of the album look at cities as places of dual nature: They are places where you can pursue your dreams, party without limits, fall in love and find true friends. They are also places, where you can fail to reach what you set out to do, be sucked into destructive cycles of hedonism and become isolated from everyone else.

“While the album is inspired by personal experiences, it’s also influenced by my interest in urban studies and sociology. It’s a kind of an attempt at mirroring my experiences into something more universal and in turn hopefully offering a listening experience that will be memorable and resonate with the listeners”, Kizunaut explains.

Known for his energetic live performances, Kizunaut has been popularizing synthwave in Finland as a part of the Helsinki Synth City artist collective from 2019 onward. The album will be up for pre-order on Bandcamp from 2nd of September onward and will be released globally to streaming services such as Spotify on 18th of October. A cassette version will follow later.

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Genres: Synthwave, Synthpop, Industrial, Independent Electronic

Kizunaut is a Helsinki-based independent electronic artist who produces music influenced by synthwave, synthpop, industrial and contemporary electronic music. Known for his energetic live performances, eclectic approach to synth music and thoughtful lyrics, Kizunaut has been cultivating a cult audience from late 2017 onward.



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