Cat Temper – Something Whiskered This Way Comes LP

Announcing the first vinyl release
from Lazersteel Records!

“Something Whiskered This Way Comes”


Synthwave with CATTITUDE! Cat Temper’s fourth album is a playful beast mixing contemporary synthwave, classic synthpop, and crunchy power chords. Something whiskered is coming for YOU.

Cat Temper is Mike Langlie – a Boston, MA area musician also known for his toytronica project Twink The Toy Piano Band and as keyboardist for the instrumental post-rock group Off-Ox.

Mike returned to his electronic roots with Cat Temper. The first album “Purring for Vengeance” established his new sound of angular electronic anthems. He defied expectations for a follow-up with the second album “Henry (An Electronic Soundtrack to Eraserhead)” by recording an entire re-score for David Lynch’s cult classic that can be synchronized with a DVD of the film. Album three “Digital Soul” paid homage to more influences, recalling the sound of late 1970s/early 80s synthesized soundtracks by artists like John Carpenter and Tangerine Dream.

After holding the #1 spot in The Synthwave Charts ( for three rounds, Cat Temper is on the prowl bolder than ever with “Something Whiskered This Way Comes.”

Mastered for  Vinyl by Taylor Deupree of 12k. Electric cover artwork by Quinnzel.

1. Meow At The Devil
2. Calicommando
3. Detroit Rock Kitty
4. Hissteria
5. Tomcat Sawyer
6. Rock You Like A Furricane
7. Purranoid
8. Master Of Pawprints
9. Breakin’ The Claw
10. The Call Of Catulu
11. Don’t Fur The Reaper

“Something Whiskered This Way Comes” will be available for digital download and on vinyl.  Pre-orders begin on Friday, July 4, 2019 and you can grab yours here..  The limited edition vinyl is the first release from Lazersteel Records, a US-based vinyl distributor entering the indie label market.  The color vinyl record includes a poster of the cover artwork and card with a download code, so you can enjoy the album on the go!  Only 85 copies are available, so grab it while you can.”

Artist: Cat Temper
Title: Something Whiskered This Way Comes
Genres: Electronic / Synthwave / Instrumental
Formats: Vinyl LP / Digital
Release: August 16, 2019
Sold at:
Artist Site:


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