Alpha Chrome Yayo – Take My Advice EP available now

Alpha Chrome Yayo – Take My Advice
Available Friday May 24th 2019

“The future of synthwave is here, and it sounds an awful lot like Alpha Chrome Yayo.”
– James Mitchell (Echosynthetic, Nightride FM)

The latest release from Belfast-based purveyor of pure-cut retromancy Alpha Chrome Yayo, ‘Take My Advice’ is a melting pot of synth, sax and axe.

Celebrating the seedy world of ’80s cop movies, its swaggering Italo basslines, wild horns and screaming guitar solos conjure up images of mean streets, where life is cheap, crime pays and morality is as murky as the decrepit office decor.

It’s one part Lalo Schifrin’s Dirty Harry score, one part Jan Hammer Miami Vice, with a dash of Lethal Weapon and a .44 round of the thrilling, experimental shredding with which Alpha Chrome Yayo has become synonymous.

Praise for Alpha Chrome Yayo:

“The future of synthwave is here, and it sounds an awful lot like Alpha Chrome Yayo.” – James Mitchell, Echosynthetic/Nightride FM

“A blitz of cinematic synthwave, face-searing solos and first-rate production.” – Brian Coney, The Thin Air

“So strange and unique, I actually remain stunned by how well it works… what a vital and exciting artist Alpha Chrome Yayo is.” – Ryan Cole, Pastel Wasteland

“Alpha Chrome Yayo is a fascinating and glamorous creature of the night. His work embodies the complexities of living and dying, laughing and crying, fearing and embracing.” – Jason Scott, B-Sides and Badlands

ACY’s previous releases have enjoyed BBC radio airplay on award-winning shows ‘Electric Mainline’ and ‘Soundscapes’, receiving a great deal of positive attention in the music press both locally (The Thin Air, REMY, Cans, 8 Radio, etc) and globally (B-Sides and Badlands, Synthspiria, Echosynthetic, Pastel Wasteland, Brutal Resonance and many more). He has been featured in critically acclaimed podcasts including ‘Beyond Synth’ and ‘Radio Free Hipster’, with regular plays on a vast array of radio stations worldwide.

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