Alpha Chrome Yayo – After Dinner Cigar EP available October 4

Alpha Chrome Yayo – After Dinner Cigar
Available Friday 4th October 2019

A selection of songs best enjoyed after sunset – smooth and satisfying to the end.

Steeped in ‘90s sensibility, After Dinner Cigar is the addictive new EP from Belfast’s chameleonic synth-slinger Alpha Chrome Yayo.

Where most retro-tinged releases take their cue from the 1980s, this record has its heart rooted a little later. As such, it’s loaded with stomping swingbeat, catwalk cool and shimmering new age synths.

Teddy Riley, Paula Abdul and Enya are obvious touchstones. And while there may be tongue in cheek elements, this is an EP that looks forward as much as it looks back, with vocaloid tales of robot romance and lofi jazz sitting alongside new jack swing.

After Dinner Cigar goes live on Bandcamp, Spotify and online retailers on October 4th, 2019.


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