Use the form below to contact us if you want to submit a track, send us a press release, request a review* of your album, inquire about becoming a partner, ask questions, or send us your feedback.

Only submit the form once for your current submission (track, press release, or album review request).  You will receive an email reply if your track, news or review will be posted on the site, or if your submission has also been selected for additional promotion on this site, and/or inclusion in a playlist.

Once you have submitted a track, press release or album for consideration, you must not submit the same content again, and must wait 4 weeks before you submit something else.  If you don’t hear back from us, it means we haven’t been able to process your request yet, or your submission is not appropriate (such as abuse, spam, incorrect genre).

You must include a link to your album or track cover art for us to use if we feature your music.  Dimensions must be at least 400 x 400 but larger is better, since resizing down doesn’t reduce the image quality.

If you have a new album coming out soon, send us your press release, streaming link (can be a private Soundcloud list for unreleased albums) and links to promotional images, or via a file sharing link, such as Dropbox.  If your news is right for our readers, we’d be happy to include it in our News category.

If you want to submit a track or request a review of your album, you need to include a streaming link for Bandcamp, Soundcloud or Spotify for consideration.  If your track is on both Bandcamp and Spotify, please share both links in your message.  We prefer to post approved tracks with an embedded Bandcamp player, but we can also consider your track for our Spotify playlist.  (Published album reviews will not include an embedded player in the article, but will link to your preferred artist profile on Bandcamp, Soundcloud or Spotify.)

* We will not review any album for any artist who has not already submitted at least one track previously.  This policy exists primarily because this is a music blog that attracts more listeners than readers, and it helps new people to discover your music.  Due to the time commitment involved in writing a carefully considered and well written review, only a small number of them will be published monthly.  All albums that get reviewed are chosen by us from the requests pending.  This means reviews we publish are for music we genuinely like–however, we’ll be honest about anything that could be improved on, or something that didn’t feel right to the listener.  If an album is submitted for a review and we strictly do not like it, we opt to not review the content rather than put a huge dose of negativity into the world, and potentially discourage a budding artist.  (Remember, not receiving a review doesn’t mean we didn’t like it, it could be we just haven’t been able to review it yet.)  This is one reason why you start by submitting a track.

Any time you want to know what type of music we like, the best way to find out is to listen to the playlist and check out tracks on the site in your genre(s).

Please note:
Unsolicited submissions are not guaranteed to be posted on the site.  Submissions for any genres that are not in the Electronic genre or sub-genres will be ignored.

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