Starwing Digital is an indie record label, as well as a publisher and distributor of digital content, including blogs.  We are not taking on new clients at this time, but we created this blog to highlight the best independent electronic music.

There is an enormous amount of talented indie artists who just are not getting the exposure they deserve, and we know that every bit of exposure you can get really does help!  This site is just getting started, but the more great music we can share, the larger our audience will grow.

Approved tracks are added to the site as a Post that includes an embedded player for Bandcamp, Soundcloud or Spotify–we prefer Bandcamp because it enables listeners to purchase music they love.  We do add selected tracks to our Spotify playlist, so please read the Contact page for more information on submitting your music to our site.

About Us

We represent the Finnish Industrial Rock/EBM artist The Fair Attempts.  As a result, we will not publish any reviews for The Fair Attempts here–even if if it was written by a contributing writer.  We are not excluding interviews, however.  We will publish News that goes out in any official press releases, which includes releases of new singles or new albums.  You will see a “Promotional Headline” for The Fair Attempts at the top of the site from time to time, whenever there are no other promotional headlines.  (Promotional Headlines are available to Partners–more details.)  Furthermore, The Fair Attempts are going to end up in our Spotify playlist here because we really do love the music–but the same rule will apply: one track per artist in the Spotify playlist.


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