XCOM 2 is my favourite game to play!  It is the sequel to XCOM: Enemy Unknown–another all-time favourite.  I played over 1000 hours of the first game, including on my Android device.

The backstory for this game is that XCOM was defeated by the aliens early in the invasion, and the sequel takes place twenty years later.  The aliens are in control of most areas and people in the world, and your task is to lead the rebellion and take back the planet.  The story and characters you interact with throughout the campaign are more developed than in the first game, and that helped me to feel a stronger connection to them, and be more immersed in the experience.

The strategy layer of the game makes every playthrough different, while the procedurally generated maps for most missions keeps combat interesting.  The main problem I had with XCOM: Enemy Unknown was that I couldn’t avoid memorizing the maps after I played the game a few times.  Memorizing the maps is only a problem with the story missions that move the campaign forward in XCOM 2.

This game is definitely more difficult than its predecessor, and several missions have a timer for the number of turns you get to complete the objective.  However, once you get a feel for the combat and pace of the game, turn limits wont be an issue for you.  I highly recommend XCOM 2 to all fans of the previous game in the series, and anyone who enjoys turn-based tactical games.

You’ll be able to read more about my experiences with the game in future posts, and you can check out my screenshot gallery to see some of the exciting sights I’ve seen while playing.


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