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I haven’t been writing my stories lately, because my gaming takes a great deal of my free time!  I will be starting a brand new Empyrion: Galactic Survivors adventure very soon, when the Alpha 8.0 version is released.  I decided I will share game adventures without fictional elements, so it’s a lot easier to make a quick update about my most recent game session(s).  I will also post information about my multiplayer server and faction details, along with other Empyrion related posts.

Aside from Empyrion posts and screenshots, I might also add some Kingdom Come: Deliverance content, because I started playing it recently and it’s fantastic!

Another change to my site that you may have noticed is the new Privacy Policy page.  Check it out to learn more about the data collected when you interact with my website, and how your data is used.  This is to comply with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), but I also am very interested in the topic of online privacy.  I hope the new page I added will be helpful and informative for you!


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