Ruthless Expansion

Ruthless Expansion is a custom scenario for Empyrion: Galactic Survival.  I created a scenario to play with friends on my server, and this is a slightly less intense version of the one we play.  This scenario features a randomized solar system, with chances for all standard moon types plus one custom moon, and a Size Class 4 starter planet.  (A recent game update downsized the starter planet, but some players want to continue playing on a large planet.  The developers are working on an option for the size of the starter planet, but there is no ETA on that feature yet.)

All planets in this scenario feature a custom Admin POI that has a Personal Container packed with treats.  The shelters were contributed by players on my server, and the items given to each player in the containers are based on the themes of those shelters.  On the starter planet all players spawn inside the shelter, so that players in a multiplayer setting will spawn in a biome they can survive in at the start of the game.

Planets in the solar system have an average size of Size Class 4, with one giant Size Class 5 planet!  This planet is so large that it can have up to three moons that range in size from Size Class 2 to 3.  It’s also a dangerous alien world that is always set to PvP.

Aside from the starter planet, its orbit and the alien planet, all planets and space playfields have a chance to be either PvE or PvP.  Chances are higher for PvP playfields, but the starter planet and its orbit are always set to PvE.

If you’d like to play Ruthless Expansion, you can find this scenario in my Workshop at Ruthless Expansion scenario  Please leave a like in while you’re there, and I hope you have a lot of fun playing my scenario.


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