Privacy Policy

I am a gaming blogger, and this website is used for entertainment purposes only.  I would like to inform you about the data that is collected on this site, and how your personal information is used.


Website Traffic and Analysis

When you visit this website, your I.P. address is detected by Wordfence, the security plug-in I use on this site, and by Google Analytics.  The privacy policies and data protection these services offer are outside of my control, so I recommend you visit those websites I’ve linked for you, and read their privacy policy as well.

I use the traffic analysis data to learn where my visitors are located, how they find my site, and how they access and navigate through the content I post.  I aim to provide the best visitor experience I’m able to, so the data can give insight about what works and what doesn’t work.



When you leave a comment on a post or page, your name and email address are required, and your I.P. address is collected.  If your comment is approved, your name will appear with your comment, but your email and I.P. addresses are never displayed.  If you have a WordPress account and are signed in when you comment, your WordPress avatar and website link will also appear with your comment–which can lead visitors to your site, but if you don’t want this information exposed with your approved comment, please sign out of WordPress before you comment.

When you comment on a screenshot in my Galleries, the only information collected, stored and displayed is the name and comment you provide.


Contact Messages

You can send me a private message using the form on the Contact Me page.  Your name, email address and message are exposed to me and are used for the purpose of responding to your message, when appropriate.  Some questions might be used to create a Frequently Asked Questions page, but if your question is used, your personal information would not be included in post or page at all.


Mailing List

If you subscribe to either of my Newletters, your name and email address are stored and used to send you updates about new content on my site, using MailPoet.  All subscriptions must be confirmed, to ensure that your subscription was not made in error.  You can unsubscribe at any time, and that will completely remove your subscriber details from the database on my site.

The MailPoet service tracks your interaction with the message(s) mailed to you: if you open it, and what links you click if you clicked.  This data is used by me to improve the Newsletter experience for my subscribers.


Spam Protection

All comments and contact messages are filtered by Akismet to prevent or reduce spam messages from reaching me.  This service is provided by the company Automattic, and you can learn more about their privacy policy by following this link, or the link on comment forms.


Thank you for taking an interest in the collection and use of your personal data!  It’s a topic that matters a lot to me, and I think it becomes more and more important every day.


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