Galactic Survivors 5

That night I was so terrified that I couldn’t sleep. The sound of the baby Lizard Mules walking on the beach kept me startling constantly–expecting one of those Nightmares to find me and get inside my base! Every sound and every passing minute made my fear more intense. I broke down and cried when I couldn’t take it any longer, and I contacted Timo. “I’m so scared,” I told him while still crying like a little girl, “Can you please come over?”

He didn’t ask questions and just rushed over to help me.  By the time he arrived, I was sobbing hysterically in a ball in the corner.  It’s embarrassing to think about, but I was truly a mess.  He put his arms around me and comforted me.  He reassured me and admitted he was scared as well.  “We’re too close to that Abandoned Mine–I think we better relocate,” he said.

I accidentally told him I love him and immediately thought to apologize, but he replied, “I love you too.”  He encouraged me to get a little rest while he guarded the room.  In the morning, we took everything we could and rode northeast–witout stopping–until the sun was setting.  We found a mountain that overlooks a large lake and provides quick access to all the resources we need.  Next, we began drilling a tunnel into the mountain so we can build a base that’s well hidden, and safer than our previous wooden and concrete shelters.

We kept working until we’d created a cavern large enough to install the necessary equipment to power our new base, then slept for a few hours.  When I woke up, Timo was gone and I wondered if he changed his mind about everything.  It was a huge relief when I found him watching the sunrise.  “Good morning, Darling,” he said with a bright smile.  It felt so natural to stand with him, hold his hand, and enjoy the beautiful view.


The symptoms we’ve been having–inability to concentrate and uncontrolled intense emotions–seem to have reached a peak.  Shortly after we watched the sunrise, we experienced the worst of it.  We did our best to keep each other focused while we worked on drilling out an area to build a garden two levels down from the power room.

Before we could finish the walls, we pretty much went insane for the next twenty-four hours.  We cycled from one overwhelming emotion to the next; one minute screaming and freaking out, then just stop and talk about cats.  The best part was when we felt so happy that we played around with our jetpacks outside!  We jumped up and down and laughed like children.

By the afternoon we both felt better; as clear-headed as the day we crashed down on Akua.  Timo went hunting for us while I set out on an extensive scouting mission.  I spotted a small village and two segments of a crashed spaceship.  I rode for several more hours before I found a small facility that was almost completely overgrown with bushes and tall grass.  I contacted Timo and said, “I found an abandoned POI.”  He instantly warned me to stay away, but I began approaching slowly.  “It’s quiet here–it definitely seems safe,” I insisted.

“It’s the places that seem perfectly safe that can be the most dangerous,” he advised.  He’s right of course, but we can’t hide in a hole forever.  I continued to approach and Timo soon told me, “At least keep your com open.  I’ll help you if you run into trouble.”

It made me smile to see that he already knows me so well he could sense I wasn’t following his advice.  “Thanks, Babe.  I’ll be careful,” I promised.  I entered the facility, which was obviously a research outpost.  “Oh my God!” I gasped when I discovered a well-equipped lab.  “I can use this place to do my work.  It has everything I need!”

“Absolutely not!” he replied firmly.  “We’ll build you a lab at home. I found enough resources that we can make a small ship for space too.”

“What?  Where?” I asked.

“At that crashed ship you told me about.  I thought I’d search those parts while you take care of the research facility,” he answered casually.  I almost laughed because he and I are so alike.

I finished raiding the lab and found some very nice cloth suits we can wear around the base.  I also discovered a cache of data chips–I grabbed them all and hopefully later we’ll figure out if they’re useful or not.  I took everything that wasn’t bolted down, and came straight home.  Now I just need to think about where I want my lab to be.



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