Galactic Survivors 1

My name is Starwing.  I’m a survivor of the DSS Maristela.  Our ship was attacked as we entered the M-708 solar system, and we were forced to abandon ship.  My escape pod was fired on multiple times, but I was lucky enough to make it out of the battle zone.

My pod crashed down on planet Akua, near a large lake.  It was badly damaged and none of the on-board systems were functional.  The only thing I could salvage was the survival package in the cargo box, but at least I have enough tools and supplies to make the most of this situation I’m in.   It’s going to take a while for the Corporation to send a search party, and I have no idea if anyone else survived.  I have to assume the worst and hope for the best.

I’m recording this log because talking relaxes me, and for data retrieval if I don’t survive.  I intend to carry out as much of my mission as possible.  I’m a botanist, and I’ve already identified some edible and medicinal plants during my first day on the planet.

Now it’s getting dark.  I’ve set up my survival equipment in a beautiful spot on the beach, but I have no idea what type of predators live on this planet, and I only have a pistol to defend myself with at the moment.  That’s why I need to calm myself by talking.

It’ll be fine—I’ll be fine.  I qualified for this mission because I perform well in isolation, and I completed two years of survival on Europa.  All I have to do is get through this night, and I can sort out the shelter problem in the daylight hours.  I need to go hunting too; these plants are edible but not easy on my stomach at all.


It’s been two days since my last entry, and a lot has happened!  I’m not the only survivor–a commanding officer is alive, and there’s no way the Corporation would choose not to rescue him.  I was honestly concerned that they wouldn’t come for me if it looked like all pods were destroyed.

Okay, I have to backtrack a little.  That first night, I selected a few useful blueprints in my Survival Constructor, and the sound of it working kept predators away.  By morning I had my assault rifle, two hundred rounds of ammo, and a motorbike.  I hunted a triceratops and got enough meat to make salami–so no more tummy problems from eating too many Akua berries and the corndog-looking plants.

After that, I spent the whole day gathering wood and drilling to get crushed stone.  I constructed a small cement shelter–just big enough to protect a generator, fuel tank and a Large Constructor.  With all of that finished, I powered up my base.  Two Minigun Drones attacked almost immediately!  I was able to take them out, but I was shot and had to use all my First Aid supplies.

This morning I searched the mountain to the south from my base, and my sensors picked up an iron deposit near the summit.  I rode my bike up there and found the other survivor.  He was drilling for iron already, and we were both excited to find each other!  He gave me some of his medical supplies and told me where he made a base.

His name is Timo and we never met on the Maristela because I worked in the garden… so he thought I was an alien at first because of my appearance.  I explained the side effects of my experimental treatment when I was little turned my skin blue and my hair fell out.

He was really nice about it and said, “It could be worse; at least you’re not red!”  We laughed and then made a plan of action.  Timo is searching for other survivors, while I gather resources for us.

Right now I’m standing inside a garden room I built at my base, and watching another beautiful sunset.  It wont take long for me to get some seedlings planted to produce food for us.  I have wheat, tomatoes, pumpkins and corn seedlings from our survival packages.  I really hope there are other survivors, but I’m very happy that I’m not alone here.



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