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Empyrion: Galactic Survival is a space survival adventure game that combines the survival genre with combat, space flight, building and resource gathering. You can enjoy the game as a single player, or play with your friends in PVE or PVP gameplay.  You’re able to freely explore a variety of planets, moons and asteroids in an open solar system–with no loading screens.  On top of all that, you can also build, furnish and decorate your own bases, spaceships and hover vessels!  The fully customizable difficulty settings available at the start of your adventure enable you to get the most enjoyment from the game, regardless of your prior experience with similarly themed games.

Developed by Eleon Game Studios, Empyrion is available on Steam as an Early Access game.  Empyrion is still in the Alpha stage but it’s already extremely impressive, and has a ‘Very Positive’ review score on Steam.  This is the kind of game that gets more and more fun the longer you play it.  I wholeheartedly recommend the game for anyone who likes computer games at all!

I was drawn to Empyrion for its PVE mode.  My husband and I like to play games together, but finding good games with cooperative play is a huge challenge.  With Empyrion we have amazing, exciting and memorable experiences whenever we play.  Sometimes we have to defend ourselves from predators, aliens and drones, and other times we choose to invade alien bases–but we have plenty of relaxing or intriguing experiences along the way as well.

The only drawback I ran into with Empyrion was a steep learning curve in the first game day.*  I didn’t know what to do when my first game began, so I watched a short “Getting Started” video guide on YouTube.  My advice for you if you search for a quick guide is to consider the newest videos, to ensure that you learn about the current version of the game.    

Check out my Empyrion screenshot collection in my Galleries to see how the game looks with my graphics card.

*Your experience could vary.   Also, the developers might make improvements to help new players.

UPDATE (March 2017):  I’ve recently come to the conclusion that this is my favourite game.  I still love XCOM of course, but I haven’t had this much fun playing a game in a long time!  I’ve neglected the rest of my game library since I began playing Empyrion: Gatactic Survival.  When I’m not adventuring with my husband in the game, I’m in Creative Mode, designing a base or vessel–and this new addiction isn’t something I feel like overcoming.

UPDATE (June 2018):
Read my review of the Empyrion Alpha 8 version, a lot of improvements in every aspect of the game!

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