DSV – Gryphon

DSV – Gryphon is a Small Vessel by Dreschner Corporation, that’s excellent for scouting, light combat, and support missions.  The vessel is oxygenated for your comfort in non-breathable atmospheres, and includes a cargo box and fridge to carry your loot, ore, and harvested plants and meat.

An O2 Station and Armour Locker are accessed from the top of the vessel, behind a shutter.  You can easily change your armour or swap boosters for it, and refill your suit’s oxygen tank quickly and easily during missions and raids.

The spotlights and thrusters at the front of the vessel are protected with shutters–these devices would otherwise be shot out easily during an attack on a hostile POI.

DSV – Gryphon features docking pads on the underside and the top of the vessel–the top docking pads allow you to transport her on the bottom of a Capital Vessel’s hull, or on the ceiling of a full hangar.

The double wings help protect Gryphon’s side thrusters from incoming enemy fire.  Fully enclosed thrusters are an exploit in the game and we always have thrusters exposed but protected by the ship’s hull or open vents.

One of my favourite details of DSV – Gryphon is her pretty tail!  I love flying in third person view in space and at night on planets.  This SV was designed and built by Friendly Timo, and the exterior was textured and painted by me.

This vessel is always my go-to first SV in every game because the unlock level and resource requirements are very low, and she is the most reliable and fun vessel in my collection.  Flying this ship in combat gives me the confidence to take on hostile POIs and spaceships, and the agility and maneuverability enable me to succeed in my attacks–though I use her in raids with my factionmates most of the time.

If you like DSV – Gryphon, you can subscribe and download her at https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1402532958  Please take a moment to leave a like while you’re there.  Thank you very much!


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