Deep Cold Expedition

Deep Cold Expedition Base is my latest design project for Empyrion – Galactic Survival.  The small base features everything you’ll need for your next expedition or vacation to a snow type planet, including warm and cozy interiors to relax in.  You’ll feel protected by the combat steel exteriors and the Laser Turrets on the roof, but the natural wood and stone elements used inside and out will remind you of the old world when you need it the most!

This base features 1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, 3 faux fireplaces, an open floor plan, full service medical suite, food processor, fridge, dining table, growing plots, Repair Console, Repair Bay T2, Advanced Constructor, Armour Locker, Repair Station, and plenty of comfy furniture to relax on.  It’s climate-controlled and fully oxygenated throughout, and includes energy saving motion sensors for all interior lights.

At the back of the base is a small landing pad with a T2 Repair Bay for Small Vessels and Hover Vessels.  All repairs are managed from the warmth of the main floor, where you can also repair your tools, weapons and armour, and store materials for your repairs.

Deep Cold can grow up to 18 plants to provide the food and medicinal ingredients you’ll need.  Meanwhile, the kitchen and dining area features sunshine yellow appliances and wall art that is reminiscent of blue skies.  Of course, the ample windows provide excellent daytime lighting.

At the front entrance of the base is a large fireplace with wooden staircases to each side, which lead to the loft–the main selling point of this base!  The loft includes a full medical suite: Medical Chamber, Clone Chamber,  surgery beds and scanners, and an Oxygen Station for refilling your portable tanks.  The loft also features surplus cargo storage, a bedroom, computer corner, ample sofas and soft benches to lounge around on, plus an entertainment area with stereo, bar, and table for drinks or card games during your downtime.

The lighting throughout Deep Cold is designed to be comfortable with your suit light turned on or off.  During the darkest of nights, you can enjoy the quite comfort of a safe and a peaceful night, or grab a midnight snack in your pajamas!

The balcony features an outdoor bar and table for drinks, meals and parties outside.  You can also land a small vessel on the roof and jump down for quick access to the medical suite–jump on top of the tree and then jump back up to the roof when you want to fly away.

I hope you enjoy Deep Cold Expedition Base.  If you’d like to add this base to your game, its available in my Workshop at Please leave a Like while you’re there–it really helps a lot.

If you’d like a more affordable version of this base (fewer rare resources required), please leave a comment and let me know which devices mean the most to you.  In the coming weeks, I may upload a Light version of Deep Cold if there is enough desire for one.


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