This blog is entirely devoted to my enjoyment of PC Gaming, especially my favourite games.  In addition to tales and screenshots of my gaming adventures, sometimes I will share details and screenshots of my custom designs that I share in my Workshop.

The graphics card I’m using is Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060.  All of my screenshots are accurate representations of the games featured–I do not use mods or edit the images in any way.


Games featured

✩ Empyrion: Galactic Survival ✩
✩ Kingdom Come: Deliverance ✩
✩  The Long Dark  ✩
✩  Skyrim Special Edition  ✩
✩  XCOM 2  ✩

I am frequently inspired by my favourite games, and I enjoy writing game-inspired fiction.  The stories in my blog include some purely fictional details that are not part of the actual game.  Please be aware that some spoilers will appear in my stories, but I try to minimize that as much as possible.


About my custom creations

You can see (and download, if you like) my published custom creations on Steam at Starwing6’s Workshop

Empyrion: Galactic Survival has a fantastic creative side to the game that appeals to me as much as the survival and combat!  I love building and decorating custom designs, and sharing them on the Steam Workshop.  I will show more details about my uploads in a dedicated posts.  Please feel free to let me know what you think of my creations with a comment on the upload’s post here, or on my Workshop item on Steam; I would appreciate it very much.

In addition to the uploads I share, my husband shares many of the vessels we use, that are displayed in my story and/gallery for Empyrion.  He also has great ships that we haven’t played with in our PVE adventure (yet).  We collaborate on some of his ships–I work on the interiors, and recently began working on the vessels’ exterior textures and colours.  You’ll know which of his creations I collaborated with him on because they’re also displayed in my Workshop. To find all his amazing uploads, visit Friendly Timo’s Workshop


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